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This site is about a spiritual journey. The vehicle for this journey is not religion, doctrine or dogma. This journey is not about the place where you end up or what you look like. This journey is ALL about one 4 letter word- LOVE!

Love from Above is a Free gift and the depth of it is the journey that we are on. There are countless potholes, phenominal fellow travelers and tremendous views along the way. No two journeys are the same and while we may travel on the journey for a time together the majority of growth will happen when we can just be still and in solitude reflect.

Reasons for Rest – 2

Reasons for Rest – 2

Reasons for Rest - 2 In Reasons for Rest - 1 we covered the root of real and true spiritual Rest being “Perfect Love.” In this episode I would like to share that this...

Reasons to Rest – 1

Reasons for Rest 1 The times we live in are not “the tempest in the teapot” as the old saying goes but instead rather in a category 5 typhoon in a shot glass. On every...

Opening the least likely Gift – 5

Opening the least likely Gift - 5 Remembering what was past and what is Present brings us to an understanding of Love that defies human logic and is beyond our...

Pathways to Grace

I am excited you are here and I hope you will read about my journey, listen to the stories I will share and perhaps we will travel together for a while. So come on in, explore and enjoy as we share the wonders of Love, Grace and Peace on the journey!


Love vs fear – 1

Love vs. fear I believe the opposite of love is fear and I will choose to stand against fear in every moment I live. So let’s examine the differences a bit: Love whispers “come to me and rest” but fear screams “do more and never...

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The least likely Gift – 7

The spiritual journey will leave anyone on it feeling very odd at times and completely rejected at others. The simple reason for this is the spiritual journey is based solely on faith while the religious one is half faith at best. What would the Christmas story look like if we focused on religion? Joseph would have...

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What am I Giving… Peace?

Giving Peace? If a persons peace is based on their performance they are destined to an existence of utter despair or painfully hiding behind a mask of continual diminishing justification. On the other hand if a persons peace is built on the unconditional and eternal Love from The One Who controls all things and...

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Posted by Bob Hildreth on Monday, January 4, 2021

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